Submerging into someone’s history, culture and memories and create a dimensional atmosphere where this reality would be writing again with a different language, a different meaning a different symphony, is to create a new landscape where possibilities of exploration and the possibilities of understanding are ideologically equal and infinite. But what can you learn from somebody else life and existence? What is actually relevant of his under-standing of all creations around him, tradition, history, memory, pain, love, life reading though his eyes, and why all this is so relevant?But what can you learn from someone’s life and existence? What is actually relevant of under-standing all creations around you. The tradition, history, memory, pain, love, life read through the eyes, and why is all this is so relevant? Can we connect all those feelings in one? Can we rewrite the histories and discover that they were all the same? How much are we really different? How much our identity is not actually connected?

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Is our history so different?

The phenomenon of life is unexplainable as much as our physical and psychological as humans. Our own exis-tence is a simple approval that comes from others. If you make a question and no one answer, it’s questionable if no one listened, it’ questionable if you said it loud enough, it’s questionable if there was someone who listened and ignored, it’s questionable if you actually made the question in first place, and also it start to be questionable if you are actually at the space being present, and everything was simply just an illusion.

Illusions and reality embrace each other at all times, they are our interpretation to the world , to others, to feelings and to ourselves. Creating landscapes where both worlds submerge into what we call physical space, it’s a unpretentious way of exposing raw, as a poetry, as a experiment, as life.

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“I feel really powerful and confident with this clothes, it is the first time I feel something is made for body.”

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“I loved the history behind the illustration, I already own 2 jumpsuits from the brand.”

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The colour of this jumpsuits is great and the print of hands on it and it is super comfortable.”

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